What Redpoint Medical is doing to keep you safe during COVID -19…and beyond.

We are operating our normal business hours and providing our full spectrum of services. We have adopted many COVID-19 precautions into our routine, helping protect our patients and staff not only from COVID, but many other well established infectious diseases such as influenza and other common ailments. These policies also provide for a more efficient office visit and will also better protect our clients’ privacy.

When you arrive at our office, please call 859-223-1963. We will register you by phone and obtain certain other essential information. We’ll ask about your health and whether you might be suffering from an illness that you could transmit to others. When we are ready to see you in the office, we will call your phone and invite you inside. We also have provisions for those without cell phones or vehicles.

Steps we are taking:

  • Every staff member has had two COVID-19 vaccine doses and, for now, will wear masks and may use gloves in the patient care areas.
  • We will ask our clients and patients to wear masks in the work areas.
  • All patients will receive a temperature check.
  • We have each patient wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry.
  • Exam rooms and equipment are disinfected before and/or after every use.
  • We will optimize patient traffic and spacing; you may wait briefly in the exam room after your visit.
  • We may take payment and schedule testing and follow-ups from the exam room.
  • We will ask that as few as possible “extra” folks come into the facility; family members and others who are not essential to your visit may wait outside the facility.
  • Breath alcohol testing and pulmonary function testing may be conducted outside and/or separated from the staff by a barrier.
  • Policies and protocols will evolve as time passes and best practice guidelines change; we thank all our clients and patients for their patience during these challenging times.

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Yellow Fever Vaccine available in limited quantities. Please call to schedule.Our Response to COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases