Dilute UDS

November 11, 2021 by Dr. Gregory Snider0

Worried your applicants are trying to beat a drug test? One maneuver is to dilute (water down) one’s urine by drinking excessive fluids or using diuretics. Since testing is based on concentration of drugs in the urine, this makes it more likely that the measured amount will fall below the “cut-off” and, thus,  be deemed “negative” (it’s like making 10 gallons of tea using only one teabag). But, not so fast! We’re on to them. Lab testing also includes two key biologic measurements: specific gravity and creatinine. Specific gravity is urine density compared to plain water; creatinine is a bodily by-product that serves as an indicator of dilution. Measuring these two gives an excellent picture of the “quality” of the specimen. They determine if the urine submitted is substituted (not really urine), invalid (too much like water for testing), or dilute (more watery than normal). This might trigger recollection (and someone might have to watch them pee next time) or might be considered a refusal to test. We have a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) that can held sort this out.  If you have any drug screening questions, call us!

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