Urine Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing

We use nationally known and reputable Quest Diagnostics for our drug testing. We offer the following tests:


Medical Review Officer (MRO) services are available at an extra charge upon request; otherwise, results are provided as-is. Please call for any questions about inclusion of specific substances on various panels or with any other concerns.

Dr. Snider is certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Counsel (MROCC) and has many years of experience in reviewing drug screen results. MRO services are offered at extra charge. The specimen does not need to be collected at our facility for MRO review. Please contact us for prices and details.

Click here for a detailed list of what our drug test panels include

Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing (DOT)

Our staff have been thoroughly trained on Federal regulations for both urine drug and breath alcohol collections. We have a certified DOT/Federal urine drug and breath alcohol trainer in house. We can often assist employers with regulatory questions and other guidance.

MRO (Medical Review Officer) Services

We offer medical review officer services for your drug testing program. It is not necessary that the test be conducted at our facility if you prefer to collect on-site or through another collector. Contact us for pricing and details.

Dr. Snider is certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Counsel as an MRO with years of experience. Specimen reviews are available for $40 for self-pay, DOT-mandated, or employer-required testing. Call us for more information on testing, collection, or reviews.

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