Redpoint Medical is the easiest to work with, most knowledgeable, and most accurate provider for immigration exam services in Central Kentucky. We will guide you through the medical exam process! Prices listed below cover completion of forms (and a copy for your records) and USCIS-required blood and urine testing (additional testing, blood work, vaccines, X-rays, and referrals may come at additional, but reasonable, costs).

Immigration Examination
Refugee Visit

Things to know prior to your visit:

  • We do NOT provide translation services. If you need an interpreter, please bring someone with you or make other necessary arrangements.
  • The USCIS has age-specific immunization requirements and your vaccinations may need to be updated before forms can be completed. We have most vaccines available in our office at reasonable cost, but we do not accept insurance as payment. Bring all vaccine records (if you can get them); also, be sure to ask for any blood titer results (for example, for chicken pox/varicella) if they have previously been done.
  • Bring a photo ID if you have one (passport is preferred, but bring whatever you have).
  • We have provided a link to all the required forms at the bottom of this page. Please print these (single-sided copies are easiest to work with) and carefully complete them prior to your appointment. If you can’t print the forms you can stop by our office to pick up the forms during regular business hours. The applicant SHOULD NOT SIGN the form in advance!
  • Adults may need to provide a urine sample at the time of the visit (this is not a drug screen!).
  • Most patients will need to have a blood draw for required testing. It’s OK to eat or drink before the exam; in fact, being well-hydrated will make it easier to obtain blood and urine specimens.
  • Once all requirements are met, you will receive two packets of documents:
    • One will be a copy of the official USCIS for that you can keep in your own files.
    • The second will be the original document in a tamper-evident, sealed envelope as required by USCIS; this MUST NOT be opened and should be forwarded directly to USCIS or to your attorney as soon as possible.
  • We will keep copies of all information, testing, vaccine records, and official USCIS forms in our
    computer, just in case something gets misplaced or questions arise at a later time.

Immigration Forms

We ask that you read the instructions very carefully prior to completing forms.
Having all of the forms completed correctly prior to your visit is important. Incomplete or Incorrect forms can result in long wait times or re-scheduling appointments.

Immigration Paperwork Instructions


General Registration & Consent


Immigration Health Information Sheet


I-693 for


Refugee Forms

Please note! You may notice pages seem to be missing on the I-693 form, these are left out intentionally.

Refugee Paperwork Instructions (PDF)


General Registration & Consent (PDF)


I-693 Modified for Refugee (PDF)


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