Helping you bring home memories and souvenirs, not illnesses!

Our service is tailored to your specific destination, planned activities, duration of stay, and health history. We will guide you through recommendations for vaccinations, medications, and safety tips specific to your destination. We will address the “required”, “recommended”, and “routine”. You can choose the extent of measures or protection based on your comfort level.

We carry most vaccinations in the office. Vaccines and lab testing are at additional, but reasonable, cost. Prescriptions for any recommended medications will be provided, but these must be filled at a pharmacy and cost will depend on the medication and your health insurance. Keep in mind that we DO NOT accept insurance as payment for your consultation (they will not cover treatment associated with travel, but you can provide your insurer with our records in the event that your plan provides this coverage). We accept cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and Apple-Pay. Also, we may offer group or travel partner discounts. Call us for details! We wish you all safe travels. Photos of your adventures are always appreciated!


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Yellow Fever Vaccine available in limited quantities. Please call to schedule.Our Response to COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases